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Live tweet from a witness to the shooting who was living in an apartment right in front of the scene. This is heartbreaking to read and made me really emotional so I warn those reading to take heed. Read from bottom to top and the pictures are in order (The one with the arrows is a conversation where he states Brown was shot approximately 7 times, two in the back and 5 after turning around exactly like other witness accounts)  Spread like wildfire. 

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Michael Brown may well have seen himself differently when he watched Barack Obama take the oath or take a walk, that balmy November night of his presidential victory in 2012. He may have believed that he could ascend to the highest office or achieve his potential in whatever field he chose. But the police officer who shot Michael Brown did not assume he might be gunning down the future president of America. And so, like so many before him, he couldn’t even walk the streets.
Like Michael Brown in Ferguson, to be poor and black renders you collateral, writes Gary Younge (via guardian)

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Hey I’d like all my followers to check out this link an sign this petition.

If we can tweet an post about racism an police brutality then we sign an actually use our voices to usher in change an reform .

All my black brothers & sisters I urge you to share this !

It could be your brother , uncle , nephew , husband or friend .

Minimum mandatory sentences only apply if accused pleads guilty or if found guilty after trial. I don’t see how putting min/man sentences has anything to do with being found innocent. If a jury sets you free no sentencing will apply. Maybe I’m reading the suggestion wrong…



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that all happened in under 2 minutes

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It’s rare to come across an artist who absolutely dismantles the current slew of popular alternative music and sits suddenly and abruptly in its place, and yet it seems like that’s what has happened. FKA twigs’ “Two Weeks”, the first single from her debut album LP1 has been receiving pretty extensive radio play (I heard it on BBC Radio 2 while my mum was listening to it and asked to turn it up; she refused.). It’s both natural and unnatural - the songs are astoundingly accessible and well written, though the ostentatious noise of the instrumentals might have proven to be too challenging for mainstream audiences as Kanye West proved with Yeezus, and many bands do when they go in a more abstract direction. 

LP1 is most certainly challenging. You’ve probably by now heard the oscillating “Two Weeks”, a brilliant song accompanied with a fine music video, but it’s definitely the most pop-oriented song from LP1, though “Lights On” and “Video Girl”make reasonable claims with the former’s vocal harmonies and double bass/noisy drums combo and the latter’s eery sub bass and groovy drum line. There are real hints of twigs’ former tourmate James Blake in “Pendulum“‘s stop-start pianos and in “Hours”, where there are real hints of UK garage that stretch beyond Blake’s influence. It would be foolish to call this a pop album; it exudes UK garage vibes like nothing has since Blake’s bursting onto the scene. The songs are expertly crafted, with scrapbook arrangement at times that never strays into an untidy-feeling way of writing songs. 

FKA twigs doesn’t shirk on lyrical duties - some artists would be content to let the songwriting and instrumentals do the work but twigs has something to say, too - on the surface the songs seem to have a sensual undertone to them, though the message on “Kicks”does seem a bit too overt to have just one dimension to it. In “Preface”, she quotes Thomas Wyatt in saying “I love another, thus I hate myself.” which goes onto define the album in a lot of ways. 

The spectacular songs will grab the attention - “Pendulum“‘s bright piano led choruses, “Two Weeks” speaks for itself - “Kicks” and “Lights On” are potential future singles, the former of which is a fitting outro to the album with massive synth stabs and sulky vocals, but it’s “Closer” that stays with me the most, with the massive, spacious choir vocals and the gargling, unintelligible pitched-up vocals and a slow burning beat that runs like a train parallel to the song. 

LP1 is an unforgettable album which, with any luck, will come to define the shape of UK pop music for a good while in the future - god knows we need to hear more of this. 

Listening to this on iTunes First Play, and, holy shit, it’s awesome.


First Look at Charlie Cox As Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’

Looks like Matt Murdock.

Now the real question is what will the Daredevil costume look like?

Dueling pianos on the patio. And these three beasts decide to stand in front of me. (at Willis Tower)