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John Conway first theorized that it would be impossible to create a forever-expanding universe using these rules, which was proven wrong by a team at MIT, creating the “glider gun,” which is featured in the third gif. 

Since then, thanks to computers, people all over the world have added new designs to the database, creating amazingly complex designs.

For example Andrew J. Wade created a design which replicates itself every 34 million generations! Furthermore it is also a spaceship (permanently moving pattern) and not only that, it was also the first spaceship that did not travel purely diagonally or horizontally/vertically! These types of spaceships are now appropriately named Knightships.

The simulation has some interesting properties, for example it has a theoretical maximum speed information can travel. Or simply, light speed - as that is the limit in our own universe. The limit is set to 1 cell per generation - after all how can you create something further than 1 cell away in one generation if you can only effect your immediate neighbours? And yet you can get things like the ‘stargate’ (Love the name, huge SG fan here.) which allows a space ship to travel 11 cells in just 6 generations.

Some smart people have even designed calculators, prime number generators and other incredibly complex patterns.

You can create your own patterns here:

All gifs were made from this video:

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Royal Blood’s self-titled debut album comes as more of a punch to the gut than a breath of fresh air, but I mean that in the best way possible. The duo from Brighton deliver here an album that delivers raw energy and instantly catchy tunes that are best played loud. From the opening track, "Out Of The Black", the groovy pace and deliciously crunchy distorted tone is set and it doesn’t really let up for the nine tracks that follow. One of the best things about the record is just how tightly it rolls. Yes, it does just seem like ten great tracks thrown together, but they are all kept under four minutes in duration (except for two, which go slightly over) and this trimming of the fat makes for a much better flow to the whole album. Each song bangs out three or four simple, but brilliant riffs, throws in some nice hooks, some catchy chorus vocals and often even a badass bass solo or breakdown for good measure. There’s no silly filler and the duo never pretends to be anything they are not.

This album doesn’t re-invent the wheel, but I don’t think that’s what these guys are trying to do. Inspirations are evident, from Josh Homme groups Kyuss (Come on Over) and QOTSA (I feel like most tracks on the album have a QOTSA-feel) to Muse (the aforementioned “Out of the Black”) to Arctic Monkeys and The White Stripes. There are plenty more inspirations that become obvious the more you listen to the album as the band channels sounds reminiscent of garage rock, blues rock, hard rock and even noise rock.

Although they are not doing anything particularly ground-breaking, the nearest they come to doing so is the fact that they produce such a big sound from just bass and drums. If you didn’t know any better, I am convinced that 9 out of 10 people would think that they hear guitar on the tracks, but it’s not the case. Bassist and vocalist Mike Kerr gets some great sounds out of his instrument with a variety of distortions and tunings, and these banging riffs on the low end of the spectrum definitely sound really cool. Their live shows are bound to be absolutely electric and go down well with a generation of music fans seemingly obsessed with bass.

Royal Blood are really good at what they do and these ten tracks are so very, very replayable. At just 33 minutes in length, you will likely find yourself hitting that repeat button over and over. A very promising debut album from these British lads who remind the mainstream that rock music can still be cool.



now this is what i like to see… if i’m gonna buy some fancy new Strong Product i wanna see it beat the weaker version of itself into total useless garbage…… its called innovation and i’ve never been so happy to be a capitalist…



now this is what i like to see… if i’m gonna buy some fancy new Strong Product i wanna see it beat the weaker version of itself into total useless garbage…… its called innovation and i’ve never been so happy to be a capitalist…


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Live tweet from a witness to the shooting who was living in an apartment right in front of the scene. This is heartbreaking to read and made me really emotional so I warn those reading to take heed. Read from bottom to top and the pictures are in order (The one with the arrows is a conversation where he states Brown was shot approximately 7 times, two in the back and 5 after turning around exactly like other witness accounts)  Spread like wildfire. 

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Michael Brown may well have seen himself differently when he watched Barack Obama take the oath or take a walk, that balmy November night of his presidential victory in 2012. He may have believed that he could ascend to the highest office or achieve his potential in whatever field he chose. But the police officer who shot Michael Brown did not assume he might be gunning down the future president of America. And so, like so many before him, he couldn’t even walk the streets.
Like Michael Brown in Ferguson, to be poor and black renders you collateral, writes Gary Younge (via guardian)

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Hey I’d like all my followers to check out this link an sign this petition.

If we can tweet an post about racism an police brutality then we sign an actually use our voices to usher in change an reform .

All my black brothers & sisters I urge you to share this !

It could be your brother , uncle , nephew , husband or friend .

Minimum mandatory sentences only apply if accused pleads guilty or if found guilty after trial. I don’t see how putting min/man sentences has anything to do with being found innocent. If a jury sets you free no sentencing will apply. Maybe I’m reading the suggestion wrong…